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Helper Application Guidelines

Discussion in 'Helper Application' started by Emmanuel, Jul 19, 2018 at 12:15 AM.

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    Application guidelines

    If you're reading this, we are now searching for players to assist with JailsMC.
    If this is something you're interested in then this is the place to come to and apply for a Helper position on the server.


    By applying for a staff position on JailsMC, there are a few requirements for your application to be considered, as well as the quality of the application in terms of being accepted.

    1. Active within the community- This includes other platforms such as the Discord, & Forums - not just playing on the server.

    2. Discord - To be a staff member on the server, you must have Discord & have joined the server Discord previous to your application (http://jailsmc.net/discord). This is due to the fact that we primarily use Discord to communicate with our Staff Team.

    3. Patience, & kindness - We expect each & every one of our Staff Team to represent JailsMC in a positive light. This includes treating other players and staff with respect, regardless of personal opinions towards those people.

    4. English skills - While we do not expect English to be spoken as a first language, you are required to have a high ability in written & spoken English due to the fact of that being the primary language on the server. That being said, any additional language skills are a plus & are encouraged.

    5. 7 days since last application - This may not be applicable to everyone, but if your last application was denied for any reason, you must wait at least 7 days before submitting a new one. Failure to comply will result in any applications submitted in this time frame to be automatically denied & may remove your ability to apply in the future altogether.

    6. Maturity - There is no age requirement for applying, but you are required to show maturity at all times as a Staff Member on JailsMC. This includes your ability to recognise, take responsibility for, & improve upon mistakes.

    Please note, that your behaviour prior to, and during the pending status of your application will be monitored & taken into consideration when deciding on your application.

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